Live smart, with Sparrow

A SmartHome is a happy home

Every Sparrow home is equipped with a SmartHome system that allows you to operate the thermostat and door locks from your smartphone, tablet or computer. This value-added service makes living in a Sparrow home more convenient, safe, and energy efficient—saving you up to 15% off your energy costs. SmartHome features are included at an additional cost of $14.95/month.

SmartHome features

Alloy SmartHome Hub

The Alloy Hub is the brains behind the Sparrow SmartHome system. It connects to your local internet via WiFi or Ethernet and communicates with your smart thermostat and smartlock by way of your phone, tablet or computer. Just download the SmartRent app to start controlling your system.

Honeywell Smart Thermostat

The Honeywell T6 Pro Smart Thermostat makes your life simpler and more energy efficient. It allows you to change the temperature in your home using your mobile device, even when you’re away, and you can create schedules or adjust your settings to heat and cool your home the smarter way.


The Sparrow SmartHome system allows you to lock and unlock your front door remotely, change your access code and create temporary codes for guests. With more control over access to your home, you have peace of mind knowing you’re keeping it safe and secure.

Energy efficiency saves

At Sparrow, we believe energy efficiency just makes sense. It saves money and protects our environment. We incorporate energy-efficient features whenever possible.

  • Energy-efficient Energy Star certified appliances
  • SmartHome technology
  • LED lighting
  • Xeriscape landscaping in desert environments to reduce water use
  • Newer, updated HVAC units and water heaters
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures

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