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Fraud awareness

Fraud Awareness – helpful tips

Beware of leasing scams

Rental fraud is an unfortunate and growing trend that can cost victims hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Scammers will publish listings for homes they do not own or operate and often push for fast payments through Zelle, Cashapp, Paypal, or Bitcoin, and make grandiose promises to trick people into sending them money.

We do not lease homes through Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or other classified advertising services. Approved listings can be found on,, Zillow Group Network, CoStar Network, and local MLS platforms.

If someone other than a Sparrow leasing agent is trying to rent you a home that we own and professionally manage, please call us at 1.877.881.8484 or email us at

Please read below for some helpful tips on how to avoid scams while searching for your next home.

Things to watch out for

  • The rental price is significantly lower than similar homes in the area, or the home listed on
  • The ‘agent’ asks you to pay via Zelle, Cashapp, Paypal, Bitcoin, or send wire transfers or pay rent in gift cards—before verifying the landlord’s credentials or signing a valid lease
  • No background checks are required
  • Paper or emailed applications or lease contracts from someone purporting to be a Sparrow leasing agent. All such documents from Sparrow will always be emailed to you through DocuSign.

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