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Rental Qualification and Income Requirements

1. Occupancy Guidelines

The occupancy standard per home is two (2) persons per bedroom, plus one (1) person per home – subject to local laws and requirements.

2. Application

All individuals eighteen (18) years of age or older residing in the home are required to complete an application, undergo the screening process, provide the necessary supporting documentation and submit an application fee.

3. Identification

Applicants must present valid photo identification issued by any state of federal authority of the United States, including, but not limited to a: (i) state-issued driver’s license, (ii) state-issued identification card, (iii) U. S passport or passport card, (iv) U.S CIS Form I-551 permanent resident card, (v) U.S Military ID Card, or (vi) student, employment, or travel visa issued by the United States with an expiration date longer than the proposed lease termination date.

4. Credit History

A credit history will be completed on all applicants to verify credit worthiness. Verified credit history will be used to determine rental eligibility. Late payments, collections, and charge-offs will be negatively scored. Medical debt and student loans will not be negatively scored. Open bankruptcies, eviction or collection actions or judgments will result in an automatic denial.

5. Rental History

Prior rental history will be verified. Applicants will be automatically denied for the following reasons:

  1. Eviction within the last five years.
  2. Outstanding debt/civil judgment. (Proof of any satisfied judgment must be on company letterhead and signed.)

6. Income

The combined household income of all applicants must be a minimum of three (3) times the monthly rent. To verify income, we require one of the following forms of acceptable income documentation. Additional supporting documentation may be requested. We cannot accept copies of documentation that are illegible or screenshots of a website.

Employed (currently)A paystub with a “Year to Date” figure may be used if the date of the check is within fifteen (15) days of the application submittal. If your paystub does not have “Year to Date,” we will need paystubs for a minimum of the past six (6) consecutive weeks.
Employed (starting new job)Signed and dated offer letter on official company letterhead with hourly rate or annual salary. The letter must include a start date that shall not exceed thirty (30) days from the lease start date.
Employed (transfer)If you are staying with your current employer, but transferring to a new location, or continuing to work remotely, we will need
a signed transfer/employment letter from your employer. The letter must include hourly rate/salary and start date and be on oficial company letterhead.
Self-employedPersonal income tax returns for the past two (2) years. (We will average your gross annual income over the two (2) year period to calculate your average monthly income.) If you have not filed your most recent tax returns, please provide six (6) months of personal bank statements. Business tax returns and business bank statements including personal bank statements listing a “dba” will not be accepted. Please redact sensitive information (bank account numbers, social security numbers, etc.).
RetiredCurrent statement from issuing agency and bank statements for the past three (3) consecutive months. Social Security, Child Support,
Disability, GI Beneits, etc.
Social Security, Child Support, Disability, GI Benefits, etc.Award letter or statement from issuing agency. A court order may also be accepted if the monetary amount to be paid and terms are listed and approved by a judge.

Personal bank statements for the past six (6) consecutive months for bonuses, tips, or any unsourced deposits. Please note that unsourced income on bank statements (i.e., transfers or cash deposits) cannot be combined with additional income documentation.

Bank account statements with joint account holders will not be accepted unless both account holders are listed on the lease application.

In lieu of monthly income, bank accounts statements (including savings accounts) may be provided. A minimum balance of three (3) times the total rent due for the term of the lease must be provided in order for the applicant to qualify under this method.

7. Criminal History

A criminal background check will be completed for each applicant. The lease application will be denied for criminal activity of any applicant that has resulted in a conviction within the time period prior to the lease application date as follows:

Crimes against childrenDeclined regardless of time
Sex-related offenses
Drug sale, manufacture, distribution
Other crimes against persons, property, or animals10 years3 years
Financial crimes (e.g., bad check, identity theft, fraud)10 years3 years
Other drug, prostitution, and/or weapons-related offenses10 years3 years
Traffic, alcohol-related, all other offenses10 years0 years
Deferred adjudication or adjudication withheld5 years after completion of probation/parole
Pending cases and/or arrest warrants
Incarceration (due to conviction) release date5 years3 years

All criminal records are evaluated from the date of disposition, regardless of the applicant’s or occupant’s age at the time such offense was committed.

These criteria do not constitute a guarantee or representation that residents or occupants currently residing in one of our homes have not been convicted of, or subject to, deferred adjudication for a felony, certain misdemeanors, or sex offenses requiring registration under applicable law. Residents or occupants may have resided in one of our homes prior to implementation of this policy, and our ability to verify this information is limited to the information made available to us by the applicant(s) and credit reporting services. Residents or occupants who are convicted of any of the foregoing after submitting the lease application may be subject to forfeiture of lease application Fees or eviction, if conviction occurs after move-in.

8. Security Deposit

Your security deposit will vary based on the monthly rent of the home you choose and other factors, including, but not limited to, credit history and the quality of the supporting documentation.

9. Guarantors

A guarantor is required for applicants who do not meet the income or credit requirements noted above. The guarantor is subject to the same guidelines as applicants, plus income must be four (4) times the monthly rent. Each individual guarantor must meet this income requirement and his/her income cannot be combined with any other resident or guarantor’s income. The guarantor must complete a separate lease application and pay a lease application Fee. The guarantor will be required to sign the lease agreement and/or an addendum thereto.

10. Multiple Applicants

Each person over the age of eighteen (18) is required to submit a separate lease application and application fee. When there is more than one applicant and/or guarantor(s) in the “application group” for a home, each applicant’s credit history will be averaged to determine eligibility. An applicant who is denied due to criminal history, rental history, and/or civil court record will cause the entire applicant group to be denied.

11. OFAC

An OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) search report will be completed for each application. Any applicant that appears on an OFAC list is subject to automatic denial.

12. Pets

No more than three (3) animals are allowed per home. Acceptable pets include: dogs, cats, small caged animals, caged birds, and fish. Fish tanks are limited to 20 gallons. Aggressive dog breeds including German Shepherds, Bull Terriers, Dobermans, Rottweilers, and any mix containing one of these breeds are prohibited. Livestock, farm animals (including potbellied pigs), and poisonous, dangerous, or exotic animals (such as snakes or spiders) are prohibited.

A non-refundable pet fee in the amount of $300.00 per pet will be charged prior to move-in. Pet rent of $30 per pet per month will also be charged. Please note all pet restrictions are subject to HOA Rules and Restrictions in addition to city and state ordinances.

Verified service animals are allowed and may not be subject to breed restrictions, pet fees, or pet rent. A physician’s note prescribing the service pet will be required at the time of application.

13. Renter’s Insurance Requirement

A minimum of $100,000 per occurrence liability insurance coverage is required during the entire lease term. Coverage shall start no later than the lease start date, and proof of coverage will be required prior to your move-in orientation. Applicant is also encouraged to obtain and maintain a renter’s insurance policy covering loss or damage of resident’s and any resident’s guest’s personal property in the event of loss or damage.

14. Smoking

We do not allow smoking inside our homes including but not limited to cigarettes, vaping, or any illegal drugs.

15. Vehicles

All vehicles must be operational and have current registration and licensing in accordance with state and city laws. HOA and city parking ordinances must be followed. No more than four (4) vehicles will be permitted. Please note some HOA and city ordinances limit or restrict on street parking.

No boats, trailers or recreational vehicles are allowed at any time.

16. Application Does Not Create a Lease

This application, even if accepted, shall under no circumstances be considered a lease agreement between applicant and owner or an offer to lease. No lease shall exist between applicant and owner unless and until the parties enter into a formal lease agreement and applicant pays all required fees and deposits.

17. Commitment to Equal Housing

Owner is committed to providing equal housing opportunities to all rental applicants regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, handicap, familial status or other protected status.

18. Authorization for Credit and Background Check

Applicant hereby authorizes owner and owner’s authorized agents to do whatever background and credit check on applicant that owner or owner’s agents deem appropriate. This may include among other things obtaining one or more credit reports on applicant.

19. Use of Information

The information in this application or obtained as a result of authorization given herein by applicant will not be sold or distributed to others. However, owner and owner’s agents may use such information to decide whether to lease a home to applicant and for all other purposes relative to any future lease agreement between the parties including the enforcement thereof.

20. Reason for Denial

If this application is denied, owner or owner’s agent shall within ten (10) days thereafter and upon the written request of the applicant, state the basis of said denial to applicant.

20. Falsification of Application

Any falsification in applicant’s paperwork will result in the automatic denial of the application. In the event that an applicant falsifies his/her paperwork, the owner has the right to hold all deposits and fees paid to apply towards liquidated damages.